Connecting with this blog is definitely the right thing to do so I’ve laid out here before you several ways to tag along with the awesomeness here on a regular basis so you can feel good that you did the right thing. You do want to do the right thing, don’t you?
First, there is the RSS feed.  I don’t even know what RSS is but it must be great because everybody is doing it now days.  Something about my posts and your inbox and that can only equal one thing in my book.  Awesome.

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Another way for you to keep up with me is to read all of my tweets on Twitter.  Twitter is like one big text message that goes out to everybody following you. So, if you want to get irregular, impersonal text messages from me that you may not even understand go ahead and follow me on Twitter.

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Then there is Google Connect which I’m sorry but just won’t seem to stay.  I put it here. It shows up on my page. Then an hour later it’s missing again.  If you’re fortunate enough to visit this page on a day where Google wants to connect us together then you better grab at the opportunity because it’s most likely fleeting as Google seems to be angry with me lately and I’m not big of confrontation so I’m trying to ignore it.

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