As you may be aware, I’ve been championing for a unicorn statue for my garden for a little while now but Rabbit is being a poop about it because for some reason he hates unicorns.

I don’t know. He won’t talk about it.

So the other night Rabbit comes in the house and states that there is a stray cat out front. And as he’s telling me about this stray cat he’s grabbing a little bowl and pulling food from our cat’s dish, intending to feed the stray cat on our porch. Kait told him what kind of bad idea this was but Rabbit didn’t care. He was intent on feeding this stray cat and might I remind you that Rabbit DOESN’T EVEN LIKE CATS.

So, weird, right?

And when the cat came back the next night he fed it again. And then Sikorsky came back again on the third night.


And now Sikorsky is practically living in our garden.

No, I can’t have a pretend unicorn for my garden but he can keep a live cat in the garden? Something just isn’t adding up here. Or is it? Because what is one plus one?

That’s right. Two, people. One plus one is two. Which is what live garden cats do. They multiply.


Apparently word is getting out about my husband being the crazy cat lady. Er… Person.

So now we have two live garden cats. And still, he won’t let me have a unicorn. A PRETEND unicorn. A pretend unicorn that you don’t have to feed or neuter or referee if it gets a little too close to another pretend unicorn.

Maybe I could just glue a horn to Sikorsky’s head…

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