survivors He’s very unhelpful because that’s not an appropriate topic.

Instead I’ll go with his second suggestion and write about Surviving the up coming flu-apocalypse foretold by this BBC TV show we’ve been watching lately. It’s called Survivors and we found it on Netflix.

The show is a flu-killed-most-of-everybody-so-what-do-we-do-now apocalypse type show and we are very into it even though it’s not funny. Usually I only like shows that have at least a little humor in them but the people in this show have absolutely no sense of humor and yet I still enjoy it.  Rabbit and I have been pretty surprised at the level of stupidity these British survivors are showing, however, and it has led us to sort of map out, if you will, what we would do should the flu-apocalypse strike and most people die but not us. After some discussion Rabbit decided we’d:

A. Procure weapons.
B. Raid a pharmacy. Leaving IOU’s of course. Hey, we’re not criminals or anything.
C. Appropriate a helicopter and possibly a tank. And a Humvee. We’ll also be needing gas probably.
D. Move into the Family Dollar distribution center. We may have turned criminal by this point and are probably no longer leaving IOU’s.
E. Repeat steps A through C as needed.
F. Secure small air field. 
G. Have friends over for dinner.

I want to say that I find it extremely effective that in this situation I have a pilot who can fly both helicopters and airplanes. This works in my favor two fold because, #1, he’s my pilot. #2, he has an incredible crush on me.

You have my permission print this off and use it as a reference for yourself in case of the inevitable flu-apocalypse. Just remember that we already called the Family Dollar distribution center.  See letter A if you have any questions about that.

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