imageI fear my small appliances may be taking on genuine people personalities.

Two of our automatic soap dispensers are taking soap dispensing to a whole new level, dispensing hand cleansing gel at their own whimsy with no rhyme or reason and now when we go to wash our hands we must gather soap from the little puddles the dispensers are continually creating on the bathroom counter tops, which is exactly NOT why I bought these automatic soap dispensers.

Also, going over what I just wrote I realize that my initial assessment that they are taking on genuine people personalities is silly.  It’s not like they’re dancing ragtime on the top of the toilet tank and singing Hello My Baby. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression or anything. They just seem a little bit more zealous than usual about dispensing hand soap.

Though, not to create panic or anything, but isn’t this how all robot apocalypses start? Some small, unsuspected device starts making it’s own decisions…

Yeah. We should definitely panic. Probably.

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