Conversation Rabbit and I had while we were watching the X-Files the other night.

Rabbit: Hey, they have a lawn jockey.

Me: I think those are supposed to mean something bad. Or they use to. Or they didn’t but now they do.
         Sometimes I feel like I don’t really know anything.

Rabbit: I don’t think that one means anything bad.

Me: Speaking of… I really think it’s time I get a statue or something for the garden.

Rabbit: You are NOT putting a unicorn in our yard.

Me: What is it that you have against unicorns, anyway? Did you have a bad experience or something?

Rabbit (shaking his head): You are so weird.

Me: At least I’m not a unicorn hater.

Rabbit: Whatever. You’re still not putting a unicorn in the garden. 

Me:  [sigh]

Rabbit: But… you can have a narwhal.

Me: Oh my goodness, YES! That is the BEST idea because they’re like the unicorns of the sea!  And we live at the beach! Your wisdom astounds me sometimes, baby.

Rabbit sighed and shook his head again, almost imperceptibly.

Now, I know Rabbit only said I could put a statue of a narwhal in our garden because he is fairly certain that narwhal lawn ornaments don’t exist. However, I’m pretty sure that if I look hard enough I will find one and if I don’t I’m going to make one myself and I am going to put it in the garden and Rabbit is going to cringe but I’m going to remind him about our conversation, which is now DOCUMENTED.

This is going to be great.

How does one make a garden statue, anyway?

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