The Rabbit is back from the Bermuda Triangle. He didn’t get dead or anything but I have a sneaking suspicion that he might not be who he says he is anymore. For one, he’s molting and two, well, molting should be enough. Also, there is no two. He’s acting pretty normal for being his alternate self or an alien or something.

Except for the fact that the people around the corner from us have a unicorn statue in their garden which is AWESOME but when I suggested how great an idea that was the Rabbit said no in a don’t be ridiculous kind of way as if having a unicorn in the garden is wrong or something but then I figured he didn’t want me to have a unicorn because we’d seem like copy cats or something and I said good call.  So I suggested that we could get an equally awesome pegasus instead and he said no to that too and he is so going to rue the day he told me I couldn’t have a horse with wings, y’all.

Just think pink flamingos, people. Or even better, pink flamingos riding pegasuses. Pegasi? Pegasai?

What on earth is the plural for pegasus?

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