I’m not sleeping again. No surprise there. I’ve got a baby and as cute and adorable and coated in unicorn dust as she is, she just isn’t the most cooperative sleeper. But it’s no matter as I’d probably be awake if I were lying in bed anyway because I’m a pseudo-insomniac which is pretty much becoming a full time thing for me.
I’m practicing being a zombie for when the apocalypse happens and besides the whole gore part I still need to work on, I think I’m really making some headway with my current habit of sleeping 3 hours or less night after night after night.
5 hours of rest broken by a hungry baby or a sleep walking toddler or a meowing cat or a phantom smell is what I consider a really good night’s sleep and even then I’m still zombie-ish most of my awake hours. Still generally unlikable, just less scary and without all the flesh eating.

Maybe I really am turning into a vampire. A really tired vampire who craves cheese and spinach and doesn’t care much for the sight of blood and doesn’t sleep during the day. Man, I hope not. I’d really give vampires everywhere a bad name, I think.

I sleep well when I wear earplugs but only tried it once before I realised that I am the only person in the house who can be counted on to wake up in an emergency situation like honey your face is on fire, or the dog needs to go outside RIGHTNOW, or the end of the world happened and real zombies are attacking.

I can sleep when I’m dead though. And believe you me, I will sleep like the dead when I’m dead but for right now I’ll just have to settle for being a cantankerous not-quite zombie.

Good thing my husband likes zombies.

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