I take notes a lot. It’s an idea I got from another blogger a while back and I find it strangely enjoyable and since I can’t think of anything to write on this blog and nothing has been able to help me saw through this little writer’s block that is apparently made out of a material that can’t be sawed through, I thought I’d give you a peek inside my journal. 

I know you’re excited about this but I’ll just warn you that today was somewhat melancholy so don’t expect too much.
As a matter of fact, you should probably expect a total fail.

  • Feeling like nothing is funny on this day.
  • Lucy overflowed her diaper 3 times in 20 minutes. It got on me.
  • Great. My washing machine is peeing everywhere.
  • I keep getting sidetracked by and then sucked into Pinterest. It may be time to stage an intervention for myself. What kind of food should I bring to something like that? Oh! I bet Marty has pinned something perfect for this. I should go look.
  • I cut my finger. It doesn’t hurt now so it’ll probably hurt like a $%#& later.
  • What color is crimson? Isn’t it a dark red? I’ll google it.
  • Great. Internet is not working. Again. Trying to be content with just using my phone as a modem but my phone and my computer are not on good terms. I have a giveaway post I need to write. And I suppose I’ll never know for sure what color crimson is now.
  • I need to write another Facebook post about why I don’t have Facebook. Or not. It feels redundant.
  • I miss my rabbit.
  • There is this lizard staring at me. He’s puffed up and kind of dancing. I think maybe he likes me or something. It’s either that or he’s distracting me so a bigger lizard can come from my right and eat my head.  Oh wait… Never mind.
  • My brother called me from Bahrain. Yay because in just a few months they’re moving back to the states. Can’t wait to pinch my new newphew’s cheeks. Gently.
  • Shopping at OldNavy.com but I won’t buy anything. I don’t even know why I ever go there.
  • Seriously, you’d think that with 25 kids out on this street right now people would drive a little slower but no. And there is always this one girl… I just want to take a picture of her car and put it on a sign with an arrow pointing to it and the words slow the flip down already! This is one of those things that almost warrants a curse except there are 25 kids around. Also, I don’t use words like that.
  • There are some odd people around here. I’m totally including myself in this. However, I often wonder what happened to make the family across from us so angry.
  • I think it would be curiously fabulous to go to Dragon*Con next year.  I never knew it was held so close to us. Always thought it was a west coast thing.
  • I’m already thinking about Christmas, y’all.
  • My 4 year old totally taught himself how to ride a two wheeled bike and I find that amazing.

And those were my notes from today.  
As you can maybe tell, I write my notes like I’m writing to somebody. It’s kind of like a paper blog I guess. I don’t title it Dear Diary either because I’m not 11 anymore.  Also, my handwriting is way messier than it transcribes. And there are a lot of scratch outs and strike throughs.  

P.S. The finger cut and the crimson question have nothing to do with each other.
P.P.S. We just started schooling the kids again and I have no idea how I missed writing any notes on that. Weird.