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The other day the Rabbit noticed some weird bug bite thing going on on his stomach and it itched and was spreading and then started to hurt. I suggested that he caught (or was given) some sort of X-Files-ish thing while in the Bahamas hunting underwater aliens with his helicopter but he just laughed a little like I was kidding but I wasn’t and it got worse and he had to go to the doctor and the doctor said, Your wife was right.
But not about him being infected with alien babies. I was right when I said if it wasn’t an alien disease it was probably shingles.

So, yeah. The Rabbit has shingles. Or at least that’s what they’re calling it to cover for something much more conspiracy theory-ish.
I’m not sayin’. I’m just sayin’. I’ve seen that one military pilot alien rash episode of the X-Files, people. It’s scary stuff.

He’s not really sick or anything but the doc gave him something strong for any future pain anyway. Real strong. Like Percocet. I really hope this stays mild though. I’ve heard that shingles can be awful. Also, I really want to get the garage cleaned out. I have plans for that place.

Dear Technorati,

Here are your stinkin’ numbers: 8Z6885CC6U82. I hope you’re happy for making post something that makes absolutely zero sense to anybody.

The lady who writes this blog.

The Rabbit is back from the Bermuda Triangle. He didn’t get dead or anything but I have a sneaking suspicion that he might not be who he says he is anymore. For one, he’s molting and two, well, molting should be enough. Also, there is no two. He’s acting pretty normal for being his alternate self or an alien or something.

Except for the fact that the people around the corner from us have a unicorn statue in their garden which is AWESOME but when I suggested how great an idea that was the Rabbit said no in a don’t be ridiculous kind of way as if having a unicorn in the garden is wrong or something but then I figured he didn’t want me to have a unicorn because we’d seem like copy cats or something and I said good call.  So I suggested that we could get an equally awesome pegasus instead and he said no to that too and he is so going to rue the day he told me I couldn’t have a horse with wings, y’all.

Just think pink flamingos, people. Or even better, pink flamingos riding pegasuses. Pegasi? Pegasai?

What on earth is the plural for pegasus?