You’ve probably already heard because it’s all over the interwebs, but I totally had a middle-of-the-night knock down drag out with Duc, the owner of BlogTap. Apparently after I published this post about analog transducers he got word that I didn’t like his post layout and so he was all like, I can’t believe you don’t like my post layout and I was all like, you’re giving me a headache, so he was all like, eat it sucka, and I was all like no and so he changed his post layout.

And the whole thing was really scary because his name is Duc which I’m assuming is pronounced like Goose but with a D. Or maybe he’s pronouncing it Duck and this is making me wonder about his fascination with water dwelling birds. Also, that makes the whole thing seem a little less scary even with a name like Doose.

And actually, if I were to be mostly honest with you, none of that really happened. Except the part where I said I didn’t like his post layout and so he changed his post layout and do you know what this means?

This is one of those defining moments in a person’s life like when you’re trying to lift your car and you know there is no way you’re going to be able to pick it up but then you do and it’s really light and you realize in that instant that you have some kind of amazing strength but then you remember that amazing strength is a huge responsibility because you can pretty much pick up anything. Even things that should probably not be picked up. Like elephants.

What I’m saying here, people, is that I have a super power. I can change the Internet. I’m like Al Gore. No, I’m better than Al Gore.

I’m like Al Gore on steroids.

And now I’ve got so much work to do making all the web’s wrong things right and I don’t even know where to start.

P.S. It is killing me that I cannot leave a comment on Dead Caterpillar.

P.P.S. This post was moved from my other blog to this blog for the sole purpose of confusing you and making your day more interesting. Your welcome.