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imageI fear my small appliances may be taking on genuine people personalities.

Two of our automatic soap dispensers are taking soap dispensing to a whole new level, dispensing hand cleansing gel at their own whimsy with no rhyme or reason and now when we go to wash our hands we must gather soap from the little puddles the dispensers are continually creating on the bathroom counter tops, which is exactly NOT why I bought these automatic soap dispensers.

Also, going over what I just wrote I realize that my initial assessment that they are taking on genuine people personalities is silly.  It’s not like they’re dancing ragtime on the top of the toilet tank and singing Hello My Baby. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression or anything. They just seem a little bit more zealous than usual about dispensing hand soap.

Though, not to create panic or anything, but isn’t this how all robot apocalypses start? Some small, unsuspected device starts making it’s own decisions…

Yeah. We should definitely panic. Probably.

Finally. This is what I’ve been looking for for, like, EVER. 
Plus, I’ve always said the government should be in the used goat business.

And how can I NOT pick up my own hand-me-down goat? You’re right. I CAN’T not.

This is making my whole day, people.

Dear Technorati,

Here are your stinkin’ numbers: 8Z6885CC6U82. I hope you’re happy for making post something that makes absolutely zero sense to anybody.

The lady who writes this blog.

Google Maps proved itself awesome once again when I clicked get directions and then typed in that I wanted instructions on how to get from China to Taiwan which was a total lie because I have no desire to go to either of those places but I put it in anyway because I’m a sinner and Kait told me to and here is what good old Google came up with.

Also, direction number 49 seems kind of vague given the fact that I just SWAM ACROSS THE PACIFIC OCEAN. The upside to this is that the directions are written in half Chinese and half English so they can benefit just about everybody except those few people not fluent in both Chinese and English.

This is just a lawsuit waiting to happen, people.

It’s 2 am and baby girl is up so I am up so I thought to myself, Hey self, there is no better time to start posting on this blog than in the middle of the night when everybody else in the house is sleeping peacefully.

Fast forward to the next day.

I fell asleep.
It was right after I wrote about not being asleep and my great 2 am post idea didn’t make it.

For some reason I’m having a really awful time getting this new blog thing off the ground because I feel like I’ve now gone and promised you something great and I’ll have to be consistently funny or intellectual or else you’ll be all like, Who does she think she is?

It’s intimidating.

On a lighter note, here is a picture of bacon. Please take notice of the free toy inside sales burst.

I really want these and that makes me feel somewhat disgusted with myself. Also, I do not suggest these for those concerned about the impending zombie apocalypse. Something about this just screams walking dead shmorgishborg.

So here.

This is going to be great. Probably.